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Aviation Articles

JETNET Offers Commercial Airliner Fleet Subscription Services

by GlobalAir.com 6. March 2012 13:07
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UTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, the world leader in aviation market intelligence, is now offering their new Commercial Airliner fleet subscription service, also know as “Big Planes”. JETNET Commercial Airliner will complement their business aircraft and helicopter subscription services, bringing together the “complete trio” of aviation fleet information.

Since acquiring Aviation Data Services, Inc. (AvData) in 2004, JETNET has continued to research worldwide commercial airline fleet data. AvData had its beginnings in October 1966 in Wichita, Kansas, and was one of the early pioneers that started the capture, analysis and dissemination of aviation fleet information and intelligence through the use of a worldwide reporting system.

“We are very pleased to present our “Big Planes” service to the worldwide commercial aviation marketplace,” said Vincent Esposito, JETNET President. “That includes widebody (twin aisle), narrowbody (single aisle), freighter and regional (under 100 seat) jet airliners, along with commuter turboprops.”

Since 2004 the commercial airline fleet data has been maintained under an annual single-source contract services agreement. JETNET is now offering the airliner aircraft fleet data through its real-time internet-accessed Evolution program, combined with both business aircraft and helicopters. The total fleet is comprised of nearly 100,000 in-operation airframes, 35,000 of which are airliners. 

JETNET’s services meet and exceed the industry’s requirements to provide timely, accurate data and information on these dynamic fleets, a critical service for aircraft professionals. The company routinely assists its clients, whether airframe manufacturers, maintenance and repair shops or financial institutions with special studies. These include services such as market analysis, product and business plan evaluation, fleet aging and ownership trends, and market projections.

Current JETNET clients include major airframe and powerplant manufacturers, service and maintenance organizations, aircraft finance and leasing companies, and dealers and brokers. JETNET is a resource employed by various aviation regulatory agencies throughout the world, and many others who require data on these aircraft populations. They are also regularly cited by trade and national media outlets.

The ways in which JETNET can assist you and your organization are virtually limitless”, said Lucia Frontera, JETNET’s Director of Market Research. “We recognize that each client has a unique set of requirements. What they share is the need for timely, accurate, complete fleet information, backed by the best aviation research organization in the world.”

The heart of JETNET’s market research is their 45 

person multilingual research team in Utica, NY, actively calling aircraft operators in order to maintain real-time updates to JETNET’s nearly 100,000 aircraft database.

For more than 20 years, JETNET has delivered the most comprehensive and reliable business and commercial aircraft research to its exclusive clientele of aviation professionals worldwide. In 2004, JETNET acquired Aviation Data Services, Inc. (AvData), founded in October 1966. JETNET is the ultimate source for fleet and marketplace information and intelligence. The company offers services for aviation professionals over the full spectrum of business and commercial aviation, including business jets and turboprops; fixed wing and helicopter aircraft; and commercial airliners; as well as management and networking tools for business aviation professionals and executives. Headquartered in its state-of-the-art facility in Utica, NY, JETNET provides multichannel access to real-time, userfriendly, comprehensive aircraft data.

For more information on JETNET Commercial Airliner, log on to www.jetnet.com or contact Michael Chase, JETNET Director, Special Projects at 214-226-9882 or mike@jetnet.com. For more information on JETNET LLC log on to jetnet.com or contact Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Director of Sales and Marketing, at 800-553-8638 (USA) or paul@jetnet.com or International inquiries, contact Karim Derbala, JETNET Exclusive Agent, EMEA, at or karim@jetnet.com

Cutter Aviation, Southwest U.S. Dealer for Quest KODIAK, to Deliver First KODIAK in December

by GlobalAir.com 3. November 2011 12:41
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November 3, 2011


Cutter Aviation, Southwest U.S. Dealer for Quest KODIAK, to Deliver First KODIAK in December
Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales, the Authorized Dealer for Quest KODIAK in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, S. Nevada and S. California will take delivery of KODIAK, s/n 100-0061 in December


PHOENIX, AZ. — Cutter Aviation is happy to announce that it will be accepting and delivering the first Quest KODIAK for the Southwestern U.S. dealer territory from Quest Aircraft Company in December 2011.  Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales was announced as the Authorized New Aircraft Dealer for Quest KODIAK for the Southwest U.S. in August 2011 at EAA AirVenture by Quest Aircraft Company. Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales is excited to bring KODIAK s/n 100-0061 to the region and demonstrate the KODIAK’s modern, rugged and powerful STOL capabilities while carrying high useful loads to every runway from modern urban airports to remote backcountry airstrips.


Powered by the reliable Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 turboprop engine, the Quest KODIAK can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross weight and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute.  Configured for straight cargo or up to 10-seat in a passenger layout, the KODIAK features the latest Garmin G1000 flightdeck and can easily handle unimproved airstrips.  Additionally the KODIAK is configurable for water operations with floats or amphibs without structural upgrades as the airframe was designed for such operations originally.


“The Quest KODIAK is truly a perfect aircraft for owners and operators in the Southwest United States” said R.D. Wooten, Regional Quest KODIAK Sales Manager for Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales. “The vast stretches of sparsely populated and rugged landscape in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California requires a flexible utility aircraft like the KODIAK to get the job done.”


Wooten adds, “Combine it with the challenging terrain and the number of remote ranches, drilling and mining operations, outposts and even communities in the region that are only easily accessible by air and it’s easy to see why the KODIAK fits the needs of our customers in the Southwest.”


The Quest KODIAK s/n 100-0061 being delivered in December by Cutter Aircraft Sales will feature premium options such as the larger 29” Tire upgrade package, four additional Timberline passenger seats, air conditioning and the Garmin GDL 69A-XM Data Link with Audio Infotainment package to give it the utmost utility capabilities for customers within the Southwest.


Cutter Aviation Aircraft Sales is an Authorized New Aircraft Dealer for Quest Aircraft Company and represents Quest KODIAK in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Nevada (Clark County) and Southern and Central California (following counties: Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Stanislaus, Tulare, Tuolumne, Ventura).  For more information on Cutter Aviation Quest KODIAK Aircraft Sales, please visit: http://www.cutteraircraftsales.com/Quest-KODIAK.


About Cutter Aviation

Founded in 1928 by William P. Cutter, Cutter Aviation is a full-service aviation company, offering aircraft fuel/line services, maintenance and avionics solutions, aircraft charter and aircraft sales and management. Cutter Aviation operates from eight major airports in five states within the Southwestern United States including: Arizona (Phoenix-Deer Valley and Phoenix-Sky Harbor), New Mexico (Albuquerque), Colorado (Colorado Springs), California (Carlsbad) and Texas (Dallas-McKinney, El Paso and San Antonio). The company is a member of the Pinnacle Air Network, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). Cutter Aviation is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated FBO (Fixed Base Operator) in the United States with over 83 years of serving the General & Business Aviation industry. For more information about Cutter Aviation, please visit www.cutteraviation.com

Last Quarter 2011 Market Condition Report

by Jeremy Cox 1. November 2011 13:32
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Globalair Article – November 2011 By Jeremy R.C. Cox

In March 2009 I wrote an article for Globalair.com that was Titled: ”The Not So Great Depression”,
you can re-read this by clicking on this link:

I wrote that piece whilst we were all living under the developing fall-out that was created as a
direct result of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that was first felt in the late summer of the previous
year, and was later proved to have started a full year before then (2007.)

The purpose of this article is to attempt to track just how far the Used Business Aircraft Market has
managed to pull itself away from the stinging clutches of GFC. I will use a statistical analysis process
that is fuelled by the numbers available to me through my subscription to AMSTAT. I will let you draw
your own conclusion as to where we currently stand overall, however it would be remiss of me if I didn’t
state that I believe that the Used Business Aircraft Market is on-track to achieve a soon to be issued
clean bill of health.



November 2005 – Baseline

10,207 Turbo-Props, 1,127 or 11.04% were available for Sale

5,757 Light Jets, 833 or 14.47% were available for Sale

4,967 Medium Jets, 544 or 10.95% were available for Sale

3,180 Large Jets, 279 or 8.77% were available for Sale


November 2007 – Pre GFC Effect

11,121 Turbo-Props, 928 or 8.34% were available for Sale

6,417 Light Jets, 812 or 12.65% were available for Sale

5,757 Medium Jets, 584 or 10.14% were available for Sale

3,728 Large Jets, 267 or 7.16% were available for Sale


November 2009 – Within The Depths of GFC

12,049 Turbo-Props, 1,503 or 12.47% were available for Sale

7,285 Light Jets, 1,313 or 18.02% were available for Sale

6,568 Medium Jets, 1,098 or 16.72% were available for Sale

4,233 Large Jets, 597 or 14.10% were available for Sale


November 2011 – Emerging From GFC

12,616 Turbo-Props, 1,350 or 10.70% were available for Sale

7,615 Light Jets, 1,198 or 15.73% were available for Sale

6,826 Medium Jets, 924 or 13.54% were available for Sale

4,612 Large Jets, 554 or 12.01% were available for Sale



As you can see from the numbers and the associated Graph, the Percentage-for-sale ‘Peak’ came
in 2009 (Light Jets peaked at 18% Mid 2009, while the rest all peaked in late 2009.)
We are about halfway back
to normal therefore 2012/2013 are looking like they might be ‘rock-solid.’




How long does it take to sell an Aircraft? Statistically for the same Groups, one can track the Number of
On Market, i.e. the Average calendar time period in days from Initial Listing For Sale until Deal Closing.
The numbers are as follows:

November 2005 – Baseline

Average Days On Market for all Turbo-Props was 505

Average Days On Market for all Light Jets was 498

Average Days On Market for all Medium Jets was 436

Average Days On Market for all Large Jets was 447


November 2007 – Pre GFC Effect

Average Days On Market for all Turbo-Props was 492

Average Days On Market for all Light Jets was 517

Average Days On Market for all Medium Jets was 382

Average Days On Market for all Large Jets was 409


November 2009 – Within The Depths of GFC

Average Days On Market for all Turbo-Props was 420

Average Days On Market for all Light Jets was 471

Average Days On Market for all Medium Jets was 357

Average Days On Market for all Large Jets was 376


November 2011 – Emerging From GFC

Average Days On Market for all Turbo-Props was 553

Average Days On Market for all Light Jets was 588

Average Days On Market for all Medium Jets was 471

Average Days On Market for all Large Jets was 459




What is really interesting about this graph is the fact that when an Aircraft MUST be sold ASAP, it is
‘Right-Priced’ and sold in less time than normal. The Lowest number of Days occurred immediately after
GFC showed it despicable face to us all.

Now for the Same Aircraft Groups we shall focus on the Average Year of Manufacture for each Group:



November 2005 – Baseline

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Turbo-Props was 1982

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Light Jets was 1983

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Medium Jets was 1985

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Large Jets was 1982


November 2007 – Pre GFC Effect

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Turbo-Props was 1984

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Light Jets was 1985

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Medium Jets was 1988

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Large Jets was 1985


November 2009 – Within The Depths of GFC

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Turbo-Props was 1987

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Light Jets was 1989

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Medium Jets was 1992

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Large Jets was 1992


November 2011 – Emerging From GFC

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Turbo-Props is 1988

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Light Jets is 1990

Average For-Sale Year of Manufacture for all Medium Jets is 1992






The following figures are quite enlightening as to the issue of Age and Obsolescence:


Year of Manufacture








MU2 Solitare

Merlin IIIB

Learjet 25B

Sabreliner 75A

Challenger 600

Gulfstream II








Year of Analysis

MU2 Solitare

Merlin IIIB

Learjet 25B

Sabreliner 75A

Challenger 600

Gulfstream II



 $ 828,800.




 $ 2,912,692.












































Year of Manufacture








Socata TBM700B

King Air 350

Cessna CJ1

Hawker 800XP

Challenger 604

Gulfstream V








Year of Analysis

Socata TBM700B

King Air 350

Cessna CJ1

Hawker 800XP

Challenger 604

Gulfstream V



















































With all that said I believe you can see that the market is progressing and should you be condsidering
the next step please review
Globalair.com - Aircraft Exchange.  Very current with aircraft, tools to use
such as A.Buyer and comparison tool.  If you are thinking it you might want to use Globalair.com.

See you next Month!

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Jeremy Cox | Aircraft For Sale

Taking The Emotion Out Of The Aircraft Sale & Pre-buy

by David Wyndham 27. April 2011 13:35
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Last month I attended the NBAA Maintenance Manager's Conference in San Diego. It was an excellent opportunity to meet some of our industry's maintenance leaders as well as to sit in on many excellent presentations geared toward the maintenance professional.  One of the topics that struck me particularly was in the area of the aircraft sale and pre-buy process. Listening to several folks comments about the good and bad experiences they had it became evident that even among the professionals in attendance, emotion plays a factor in aircraft deals.

We've heard stories about the owner buying a particular aircraft solely because it looks sexy or because their spouse liked the color, not because it was a best fit or a great deal.  Even among we professionals, emotion comes into play. When we are in the process of buying or selling an aircraft we need to pay attention to those emotional cues. The aircraft deal is a business process, not a marriage courtship. 

As a  professional, we take pride in our work. Our aircraft is a reflection of that professionalism, especially to a maintainer. That person works daily on the upkeep and safety of the aircraft. If during a pre-buy the prospect provides a list of squawks or issues, it is very easy to feel our pride being wounded. "How dare they talk about MY airplane that way!" Our defenses come up and we seek to dismiss their issues or to minimize them as meaningless or even as an attempt to screw us out of money. We need to take a deep breath and reflect on each of those pre-buy issues, evaluate them in a neutral manner, and to put ourselves in the buyer's shoes. 

In the 1980s the US was in negotiations with the Soviet Union regarding nuclear arms reductions. Then President Reagan used the term "trust but verify" to describe the negotiation process. It is the same with the  aircraft. Whatever we agree to must be verifiable.  The buyer is seeking to verify the status of the aircraft. The fact that the deal is in pre-buy indicates a level of trust that the aircraft is what they want. The pre-buy inspection is to verify the state of the aircraft so that the deal can be completed with no surprises.

One way to minimize the emotional issues of a pre-buy as a seller is to understand that we no longer own the aircraft. The day you list the aircraft for sale, you have relinquished ownership and are acting as caretaker for the next owner.  Remember when you first took delivery of the aircraft, whether from the factory or a dealer or wherever. You did (or should have done) a pre-buy and acceptance of the aircraft. You trusted the aircraft was as advertised, but you just wanted to check everything over for yourself. At the resale, you need to take a close look at the aircraft as if you were evaluating it for purchase all over again. 

Unchecked emotions have wrecked more deals than they have made. The best deals are made when both parties prosper: the seller gets an amount for the sale that is satisfying and the buyer gets the aircraft that expect. My grandmother's adage of "When you are angry, count to ten before your respond" holds true. The Aircraft sale/purchase process is stressful and needs to be done with a level head. Had a deal go south due to emotions getting out of hand? Click reply and let us know (keeping the names of the guilty anonymous!), we would love to hear about the ridiculous and the serious. 

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David Wyndham

GlobalAir.com Expands Aircraft Comparisons Tool capabilities

by GlobalAir.com 15. March 2011 10:58
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GlobalAir.com Expands Aircraft
Comparisons Tool capabilities
New tool’s success spurs update for specific type aircraft
March 15, 2011
  LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Since the revamp of its successful Aircraft Exchange site in early 2010, Globalair.com keeps adding new tools. The latest is an expansion of the popular tool used for researching aircraft.

  Globlair.com’s comparison tool has been expanded so not only can you compare specific make and model you now may use it to compare aircraft across a specific platform. Not only can you compare side by side an equipment list, for example, of several Hawker 850XP’s. You will now be able to compare a specific Hawker 850XP to a Gulfstream G200 or Learjet 60XR at the same time.

  Jeffrey Carrithers, President and CEO explains, “When a person or flight department decides it is time for a new aircraft generally speaking they will have developed different choices pertaining to the mission profiles they fly. In today’s economy it’s all about the most bang for the buck. The expansion of the comparison tool will allow flight departments, aircraft management firms or aircraft brokerage firms the capability to examine several makes and models at one time. There’s nothing like it on the web.”

  The tool enables the prospective buyer or agent to contrast an unlimited number of aircraft, save it for future use or print a PDF. Programmers at GlobalAir.com used feedback from its clients and developed an in-depth aircraft comparison tool. Buyers can use it to look at specific features such as interior layout, an avionics suite or maintenance updates.

  Other comparison aspects include when and what particular paint job looks like, engine specifications, propeller / APU times, and a section for options and features.

  “This is technology-driven information, another tool. It is informative, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye,” said Carrithers, “Now it will be so much easier for users to have a research tool to compare an unlimited number of aircraft at the click of a button. The more details you can give a buyer, especially on a large-ticket item like an aircraft, the more readily they can make a decision. After visiting our site, all they have to do is call, email or text a seller. Then the deal process is one step closer to being done.”

  You can visit the new comparison tool that Globalair.com has to offer at www.globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale

About GlobalAir.com
  Launched in 1995, GlobalAir.com is one of the largest aviation Web sites on the Internet. It provides aircraft-for-sale listings, FBO fuel prices and flight data for regional airlines, business jets and general aviation operators. It keeps the aircraft community connected.
  Based in Louisville, Ky., the site averages more than 2.3 million page views each month. Services include its Airport Resource Center, at globalair.com/airport, aircraft fuel-route mapping through its Max-Trax system, at airportfuelprices.com, and aircraft leasing and sales through its Aircraft Exchange, at globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale.

  To get more information on the GlobalAir.com aircraft comparison feature, or to schedule an interview, please contact Jeffrey Carrithers by phone at (888) 236-4309 or by e-mail at press@globalair.com.
  Find additional press releases at globalair.com/press/press.aspx. Get real-time updates by following us at blog.globalair.com, twitter.com/globalair and facebook.com/globalair.com.

Visit GlobalAir.com at EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, Wisc.
July 26 - Aug. 1, Hangar D, Booth 4028

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