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Airplanes fuel the passion 365 days a year in Oshkosh

Throughout many communities in the United States, it is always football season. Here in Kentucky, it is always basketball season.

It is another sport of sorts however (alongside the Packers) that dominates the calendar in eastern Wisconsin. In addition to sometimes being a sport, it is also a hobby, a mode of travel and a way of life.

Simply put, the folks that put on Airventure spend the entire year preparing for the EAA’s weeklong grand festival in Oshkosh, Wisc.

As soon as crews finished cleaning the grounds at Wittman Regional Airport in early August, they tilted their sites to the upcoming 59th annual celebration of all things aviation that takes place next July. And it will take every day in between for them to get everything ready for takeoff.

Last week, a mere two months after Oshkosh 2010 wrapped up, organizers put out an announcement touting some of the air show highlights we can expect in 2011.


"The planning for events at Airventure never really stops. We just catch our breath for a few days after the end of each year's fly-in," said Tom Poberezny, who continues to be active as Airventure chairman, said in a statement from the EAA. "Expectations are always high for what's going to be at Oshkosh each year, and we're making sure that those expectations for excitement, innovation and value are met and exceeded."

Highlights for 2011 include celebrating the centennial anniversaries of naval aviation and airmail service, along with return of the popular nighttime air show and fireworks display for a second year.

Organizers also say they will improve the grounds itself, upgrading drainage systems in parts of the airfield that became swampland this past summer after being pummeled by record rainfall prior to the event. Areas of particular focus include exhibit areas, aircraft parking and Camp Scholler.

Less than 75 days removed from the last Airventure, all this already is under way for next year’s show. It starts July 25, a little more than 291 days away.

Of course, the planning will not stop there either. The 2012 show begins July 23; the 2013 show on July 29…..

In Oshkosh, it’s always airplane season.

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