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Assembly Of Test Airframe For Bombardier CSeries Aircraft Well Underway

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Virtual Flights Being Conducted With 'Aircraft 0'

Assembly of the test airframe for Bombardier's all-new CSeries aircraft is well underway at the company's Experimental Test Facility in St-Laurent, Quebec, the company said in a news release Friday. The test article will be used during the Complete Airframe Static Test (CAST) that is designed to demonstrate the static strength of the airframe and show compliance with certification requirements. 

"Every day brings a new development and it's very exciting. Whether it's the start of a new test, the results of a new test, or the arrival of a new production part, the team is very enthusiastic about all these milestones," said Rob Dewar, Vice President and General Manager, CSeries, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. "The assembly of the test airframe is another significant development as we make headway in the intense ground testing phase before the CSeries aircraft's flight test program. The fuselage sections in the test airframe are being joined and we're looking forward to adding the wings and the empennage, and starting the stress tests."

The test airframe - comprised of both metallic and composite structures - is being fitted and assembled in a test rig consisting of a superstructure of steel towers and trusses, as well as loading structures and loading actuators that will be used to apply loads to the test airframe. To demonstrate static strength, a series of load cases - representing flight maneuvers, landing, take-off and other in-flight and on-ground conditions - will be applied to the free-floating, non-restrained, counterbalanced test airframe. For selected load cases, internal cabin pressure will also be applied when simulating in-flight conditions.

During testing, strain gauges will be used to measure and record up to 8,000 parameters at defined locations on the airframe. Data from the strain gauges will be monitored by Bombardier's stress engineers, as well as by the partners and suppliers that are involved in the development of structural components for the CSeries aircraft.

Bombardier also recently announced that the company is now conducting virtual flights with "Aircraft 0" - the on-the-ground Integrated Systems Test and Certification Rig (ISTCR) for the CSeries aircraft at Mirabel, Quebec. The avionics, electrical, flight control, fly-by-wire, hydraulic, landing gear and wiring systems are all commissioned, and systems integration and communication have been successfully demonstrated.

Other rigs being used during the ground test phase are: the Engineering Flight Simulator (ESIM) designed and built by CAE and now being installed at the Mirabel ground testing facility; the avionics Systems Integration Test Stand (SITS) and the Flight Controls Integration Lab (FCIL), which are already commissioned at Rockwell Collins' and Parker Hannifin's facilities respectively; and the Interior and Environmental Control Systems (ECS) rig which is being completed at Mirabel.

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Learjet 85 news


An update on the Learjet 85: Bombardier Aerospace announced just before the holiday weekend that its first-ever composite Learjet aircraft will have its wing structures manufactured at its Belfast, Northern Ireland facility. The plant also will make wings for the CSeries aircraft.

After the wing skin panels and spar components are finished, final assembly of the wings will take place at the company's new production plant in Queretaro, Mexico. 

Bombardier announced in September that constriction of the Mexico facility was on schedule

The composite business jet is expected to hit a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82 and a range up to 3,000 NM, the fastest and farthest reaching Learjet to date.


Bombardier showcases Global 7000, Global 8000 at NBAA 2010

The arms race for the largest, fastest and most ultra-range business jet continued Monday at the 2010 NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention.

As Cessna showed off its revamped Citation Ten and Gulfstream touted its G650 heading into the start of the convention, Bombardier unveiled a pair of ultra-long-range editions to its Global line.

The Global 7000 will  span 2,637 cubic feet across a four-zone cabin, a high-cruise speed of Mach 0.9 and a range of 7,300 NM at Mach 0.85, while the Global 8000 will feature a three-zone-2,236 cubic-foot cabin and a range of 7,900 NM at Mach 0.85.

Both are on display with the rest of the Global line at the Bombardier static display.


“The Global 7000 and Global 8000 jets will give our customers the ability to reach more destinations non-stop than ever before, delivering unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility, and comfort,” said Bombardier President Steve Ridolfi in a company statement. “There has never been a better time to ‘Be Global.’”

Read more about the Global 7000 and Global 8000 at

What's next from Bombardier? Will it be a revamped XRS? Some say yes, some say no

Bombardier could announce plans for a new ultra long-range business jet, maybe as soon as the NBAA convention next month. At least that is what a few people of note in the aviation world have said.

Company officials told Aviation International News this week that they will not comment on rumors or speculation, but that has not stopped some in the industry from doing just that.

Not all opinions align though on what will happen next, or exactly what aircraft will emerge from Montreal.

Differing opinions on the speculation after the jump. [more]

In an article released this week, AIN’s Chad Trautvetter spoke with George Tsopeis, VP of aviation services for Zenith Jet.

Tsopeis predicted a new offering from Bombardier to compete with the Gulfstream G650, and he “strongly believes” it will be a modified Global XRS with the same Rolls Royce engine as the G650, along with a newer, lighter interior and upgraded wings.

Under Tsopeis’ speculation, such a model could reach customers by 2013, sooner and cheaper than rolling out a new model, and in time to jockey for orders with the new Gulfstream.

Read the full article here.

Aviation Week’s Fred George posted a differing opinion today to the Super XRS theory on the Business Aviation Now blog. He cites unnamed “company insiders” who say, in his words, “that’s just not going to happen.”

Subtle ushering from company representatives to potential customers has focused on Project 170, a larger, 7,000 nm, .85 Mach cruise successor to the Global Express, according to George.

This model could be certified by as soon as 2016, he says.

Read the full article here.

Regardless, an announcement of some sort in the not-too-distant future probably will happen, as Bombardier positions itself to compete for its share of $208 billion in new jets to be delivered this decade, as Zenith Jet predicts in an AIN article written by Trautvetter earlier this month. It says more than half of those sales will consist of large, ultra-large and long-range aircraft.

Read that full article here.

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