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11 hours to Texarkana (via

Our friends at Corporate Flight Management, Inc., run a great bizav blog, Yesterday, Jon Anne Doty weighed in on comparing the cost and time of flying from Jackson, Miss., to Texarkana, Ark.

From the article:

He discovered that to maximize his time on-site, he had to leave Jackson at 6 AM, connect in Dallas to arrive in Texarkana at 10:35 - spending four hours and thirty-five minutes in transit.  The latest he could leave Texarkana was at 4:55 PM, connect again in Dallas to arrive Jackson at 10:05 – spending five hours and ten minutes in transit. 

That adds up to nine hours and forty-five minutes spent in travel time alone. Add a minimum of a one hour spent in the airports both in the morning and in the afternoon and you have a hefty eleven hours forty-five minutes spent in airports and on airplanes, with only about 4.5 hours of useful time on-site.  The ticket price for this hideous proposition weighs in at $ 1316.80. 

Instead, the attorney traveled directly via a Cirrus plane, and the savings of several hundred dollars was just the start. Read the full article here.

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