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So You Think You Want To Be A Pilot

     I first believed in myself when I discovered my plan. Childhood came and went, as did my youthful dreams of one day becoming a Veterinarian. My teenage years brought a whole new light to the subject and before I could turn around and blink three times I was out of the veterinarian stage and driving off to fill out applications to culinary schools. Needless to say, a few years behind the swinging kitchen doors of a TGI Friday’s were more than enough for me to come to the clear realization that my days of working as a chef were limited. During my first two years of college I was waitressing tables at a local restaurant, while and attending classes part time at a local community college roughly studying Nuclear Medicine. I noticed that I no longer had the same spark of certainty that I had once possessed and I longed to rekindle the same passion that I once had to become a veterinarian. Everything changed the moment I stepped into Ron Biddle’s Diamond DA 40 XL. Suddenly I realized that every negative thing that I had ever experienced in the career world had been leading me to that very moment. I spent a long time searching and never once felt right or certain about anything until that day I experienced Ron’s Diamond for the very first time.

     One day, my boss called me into the conference area for our routine meeting. This gathering was nothing out of the ordinary, but what struck me as dissimilar was his rather new interest in my thoughts for the future. He inquires on what I plan to do with my life by asking me what I want to be when I grow up. This question required absolutely no thought on my part at all as I lucidly exclaimed that I want to be a pilot. His reaction left me puzzled; I was under the impression that everyone knew this about me already. As calmly and collected as ever he looked at me and said, “No you don’t.” His tone was gruff like, completely sincere as if he knew my best intentions. Of course, being the stubborn and fussy woman that I am, I immediately wanted to dispute this opinion; but before I could internally prepare myself for battle he offered a truce. “So write about it” he stated. The pressure was on; he was challenging me!

     Okay pilots, here is what I intend to do - I intend to create a short series about the different types of careers that can evolve from a job as a pilot. Therefore I am asking for help from my readers. If you are a professional pilot of any sort, please contact me. I would love to learn about you! Just send in a quick email to [email protected] explaining what your career is and your name. My plan is to then choose several different types of pilots to interview and write about. Everyone has a great pilot story, we want to hear yours!

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