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Newest Tecnam LSA, the Astore, Features Levil “Six-Pack”

The Levil AHRS G-mini is, for the first time, now listed on the avionics callout of an LSA aircraft. The newest TECNAM aircraft, the head-turning Astore, has an iPad mini as standard equipment with the option to have the Levil Aviation G-mini – AW providing the "six pack" information wirelessly to the iPad’s display.

The Levil AHRS solves the problem of instability issues often found when using the internal gyros of the iPad to simulate attitude indication in the air. Levil instruments go through extensive calibration procedures and provide uncontested performance over a wide range of aircraft dynamics. “Sometimes people are skeptical about using an iPad in the cockpit because it is not a dedicated aircraft instrument. However, when used as a high-resolution display for a dedicated aircraft instrument like the G-mini, it becomes the most revolutionary and flexible system in aviation today. TECNAM realized this when testing our products and we are excited to work with them.” said Ananda Leon, Systems Engineer at Levil Technology.

The Levil G-mini has been catching on since its introduction at AirVenture 2011 and is popular in GA aircraft with traditional “steam gauges” which are using the iPad for situational awareness, all the way to experimental aircraft that use the Apple devices as a PFD.

Most applications used with iPad mini + LEVIL include “zero-drift” technology, and display most of the information found on a traditional EFIS, including pressure altitude, indicated airspeed and vertical speed from the pitot-static system. When combined with apps such as WingX Pro7 and AirNav Pro, the pilot has access to additional features such as 3D Synthetic Vision and Terrain Awareness. “The G-mini is a great addition to our avionics selection and the perfect match for such a sophisticated and beautiful aircraft,” said Fabio Russo, Chief of Product Development at TECNAM.

TECNAM’s new Astore will be showcased at AirVenture 2013 with Levil’s AHRS installed.

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Ananda Leon ([email protected])
Systems Engineer
Research and Development
Levil Technology/Levil Aviation
1704 Kennedy Point, Suite 1124
Oviedo, Florida 32765
Phone / fax: 407-542-3971

Piper Aircraft discontinues PiperSport LSA; other U.S. Sport Aviation Expo highlights

Despite announcing earlier this month that it would discontinue sales of its PiperSport LSA, ending a relationship with manufacturer Czech Sport Aircraft, Piper Aircraft decided it would still field an exhibit at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo held this past weekend in Sebring, Fla., to show its support for the sport aircraft industry.

Piper executives cited “cultural differences” in severing ties on the PiperSport project. Read more on the development from AOPA Online here.

AVWeb recaps the highlights of the expo in this article. Among the biggest stories during the event included the selling of Gobosh Aviation to a group of Denver-area investors that also own Skyraider Aviation, a sport pilot club based in Colorado. More from AOPA here.

Get local coverage of the Sport Aviation Expo, as well as a few photos of the event, from this Florida newspaper article. Find new and used light sport aircraft for sale listings at, or list your own aircraft for sale, by clicking here.

McCauley's composite props: What the Cessna Skycatcher approval could mean for your aircraft

Cessna 162 Skycatcher with a 2-blade McCauley 1L100 composite prop 

We spoke with Cessna spokesman Doug Oliver today about the recent approval of a composite propeller for the 162 Skycatcher, as well as what the future of composite props from McCauley could mean for other aircraft.

Last week the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international standards board, approved production of the 2=-blade 1L100 McCauley prop for the LSA Skycatcher.

Since Cessna designers initially expected the composite prop to be approved for the Skycatcher, many of the weights and measures for the aircraft stay the same as first advertised on the Cessna site. The switch from the aluminum prop will shed about 12 pounds from the airplane’s current production weight, Oliver said.   

With the ASTM certification in tow, the company expects to add the component props to 162s that ship out late this year, while existing owners will receive one at no additional cost.

Earlier this month, parent company Cessna streamlined its McCauley efforts in order to invest in additional projects of a similar nature. Oliver said this will likely lead to retrofitted composite props for planes such as the Skyhawk and Skylane, among other aircraft and engines.  

The bottom line for pilots and aircraft owners is lightweight blades that can allow more fuel in the bladder and longer max leg distances, in addition to other improvements generally found when using composite materials. 

Until then, are you in the market for a Cessna piston with a conventional propeller? Support our advertisers and check out our complete listings of Cessnas for sale here.

A new trend in glass panel avionics suites: Using your iPad?

An iPad-mounted avionics panel? There’s an app for that. Or, rather, make that several apps.

SportairUSA, based in Little Rock, Ark., recently unveiled its iCub, a light-sport aircraft that will set you back $92,000 for the standard iCub, while an optional Bush iCub with stronger axles and larger wheels costs $99,000.

The model evolved from the company’s Cruiser-model taildragger.

 It’s most original feature is a panel-mounted iPad that runs a WingXpro7 GPS-enabled terrain-aware moving map, ForeFlight Mobile HD, ForeFlight Charts,  an iHUD (EFIS) and MotionX GPS HD. Other software includes a Knot-tying guide, an Army First Aid manual, an SAS survival guide, and FAR reference guide among several others. Check out a complete list of programs here.

A 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS motor, along with a 2-blade wooden prop, gives the LSA power for its 18-gallon tank. The interior features leather seating and a baggage area / cargo net.

“Light, tough and powerful, the iCub delivers 565 lbs of useful load along with short take-offs and landings in an affordable light sport aircraft,” the company’s web site says. See more features here.

Get a glimpse of the Bush iCub at AirVenture 2010 in Oshkosh, Wisc., July 26 – Aug. 1. The SportairUSA exhibit will be located in space 62, across from the LSA Mall.


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