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Piper rolls out roomier PiperJet Altaire at NBAA 2010

Product rollouts continued in the first day of the 2010 NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta Tuesday, the first official day of the event, as Piper premiered its new and improved PiperJet, dubbed the Altaire. The $2.6 million single-engine VLJ will get a larger, rounder fuselage that is nine inches taller and four inches wider and will come outfitted with the L-3 Trilogy ESI-2000.

Company officials say the PiperJet Altaire will be able to fly 1,300 NM at a max-cruise speed of 360 knots.


It will come packaged with a Garmin G3000 avionics suite, a sunken-aisle cross section to allow ease of movement and three-foot-wide cabin door for easier passenger or cargo shuttling.

Piper says its modified VLJ will cost an average of 25 percent less per hour to operate than comparable aircraft.

“While the earlier PiperJet design, with its Piper M-class cabin cross section, provided a comfortable environment, we wanted to give our jet customers an even roomier light jet that incorporates a scalable design paving the way for a future family of competitive business jets,” said Piper CEO Geoffrey Berger.

L-3 representatives say the ESI-2000 enhances safety by placing a digital standby instrument in a glass cockpit that displays attitude, altitude, airspeed and optional-heading data in a layout that matches most primary flight displays, minimizing a pilot’s chance of disorientation during an emergency.

 “Trilogy provides a clear and constant source of backup data that acts as a safeguard for the electrical system and air data computer,” said Larry Riddle, vice president of business development for L-3 Avionics Systems, in a statement released by Piper. “Should either system become disabled, the ESI provides the information the pilot needs to make a safe landing.”

View more images of the PiperJet Altaire here.

See ain interactive 360-degree view of the cabin here.

Piper to bring PiperJet, Piper Meridian, Piper Mirage, Piper Matrix to NBAA 2010


Piper Aircraft says it will display “the broadest and strongest single-engine product line in the aviation industry” during the upcoming NBAA annual convention, Oct. 19-21 in Atlanta. 

The company will bring a mockup of a PiperJet featuring a larger and improved cabin, as well as a new name to be announced on the first day of the convention.

Piper will have both the PiperJet and Meridian mockups on display in the Georgia World Congress Center. Also on static display at Atlanta’s DeKalb Peachtree Airport will be the Piper Meridian, Piper Mirage and Piper Matrix.

"In these tough economic times every airplane in Piper's broad product line is a cost effective alternative to higher priced twins," Piper CEO Geoffrey Berger recently said in a company statement.

He and other officials with the company will be on hand during the events in Atlanta.


AIN recently reported on the PiperJet developments, citing company officials calling this “the next step” for the aircraft. The story also recapped a recent deal with Millennium Concepts to make “one of the safest and most reliable” seats for the PiperJet.

As the aircraft maker visits NBAA, work continues on its facility to produce the very-light jet, including adding air conditioning and other modifications to a 75,000 square-foot building, reports AvWeb.


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