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Will Congress Ever Pass the FAA Reauthorization Bill?

Congress is still not getting the job done with the FAA Reauthorization bill.

In previous posts  on Plane Conversations I have discussed the issues surrounding all of the different provisions of the bill and why it still hasnt passed into law.

I still don’t know why Congress has to pile in all these controversial provisions that deal with Unionization of FedEx and landing slots at a couple airports into a major funding bill that has been in a stall for years.

The only reason I can think of is good old fashioned politics and game playing on the hill, and in the mean time issues with safety, upgrade of a severely outdated air traffic control infrastructure and long term funding to run the FAA gets postponed again.   

If those of us who run businesses and make payroll every week ran our business like these guys do business on “The Hill” we would have been out of business a long time ago.

Reporting from the Los Angeles Times by Julia Love, Tribune Washington Bureau in a July 30 article:

 Responding to the deaths of 50 people in the crash last year of a Continental Airlines flight near Buffalo, N.Y., Congress passed legislation Friday requiring increased training and experience for regional airline pilots.
The House passed the measure, which also extends Federal Aviation Administration funding, on a voice vote just before midnight Thursday, and the Senate approved identical legislation Friday morning. No member of either chamber objected.
The legislation requires all airline pilots to log at least 1,500 hours of flight time before flying passengers, up from the current 250-hour minimum for newly hired copilots. The bill also boosts training, mandates the creation of a national database of pilot records and aims to reduce pilot fatigue by directing the FAA to update rules on pilot duty hours.

So under political pressure from the families who suffered loss from the crash in Buffalo congress has passed a special bill dealing with pilot requirements and training for airlines.

 The target for the FAA long term funding reauthorization is now set for September 30.

 Any bets on whether they get it done before election time in November?

Kentucky, Ohio and Wisconsin salute the general aviation industry

“No plane, no gain,” the slogan has become a mantra in our industry to show the world the importance of business aviation. Several states helped that effort recently, putting the proof is in the pudding. in Kentucky, Wisconsin and Ohio combine for $10.25 billion in annual revenue from general aviation.  

Thus, governors in the three states each issued proclamations in the past few weeks recognizing aviation for its benefits to economic growth, as well as to personal and professional livelihood. The Alliance for Aviation Across America this week released statements applauding each.

The latest three add to a growing trend where the states of Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia also issued official commemorations recognizing the value of the aviation industry.

The Buckeye State, dubbed the “Birthplace of Aviation,” celebrated its Aviation Industry Awareness Day on July 16, noting the more than $5 billion it provides to the state’s economy.

“Whether it's aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions or our vast network of (more than) 160 community airports statewide, aviation is a crucial part of our state and country's infrastructure,” Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said. “We need to continue to support and encourage the growth of this vital industry.”

During the week of EAA Airventure, the Badger State’s Gov. Jim Doyle proclaimed it “Wisconsin Aviation Week,” saluting its 132 public use airports, 41,000 aviation jobs, and $3 billion annual economic contribution to the state.

In the Bluegrass State, from which hails, Gov. Steve Beshear recognized July as “General Aviation Appreciation Month.” In addition to $1.75 billion in economic contribution each year, the designation honored general aviation aircraft and airports as a necessity for medical care, law enforcement, tourism and other resources.  

The latter event sparked a personal sense of pride for many in our office., located at Bowman Field (KLOU) in Louisville, Ky., is proud to work in an aviation industry that includes our state’s largest private employer, UPS, whose “Worldport” air hub across town at Louisiville International Airport (SDF) employs thousands and contributes billions in wages. Many other local businesses rely on aircraft to get people and supplies to their destinations. Many businesses, like ours, work to support the industry itself.

The NBAA singled out Beshear’s proclamation as well, just as it did when nearby Hardin County, home of Fort Knox, issued a similar resolution earlier this year. Kentucky is home to 60 publicly owned airports, 112 private airstrips and more than 6,500 pilots. We tip our hats to each person involved with them

Further, this blog post comes just a day after Bluegrass Airport (KLEX) in Lexington, Ky., celebrated the addition of a new GA runway, part of $66 million in improvements at the facility.

"NBAA applauds Gov. Beshear for honoring the essential role business aviation plays in the vitality of Kentucky's companies and communities," NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said. "The industry employs thousands of Kentuckians, provides a crucial link to rural communities and contributes to disaster relief and response to medical emergencies."

As Kentuckians and employees of the aviation industry, we gladly echo his sentiment.

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