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Aviation Articles

Biography of Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott has worked in operations & business development with a number of FBOs including Landmark Aviation & Universal Aviation. As founder of Global FBO Consult he has worked on projects in Ireland, Morocco, Nigeria, UAE & United Kingdom. The company specializes in providing cost effective solutions to assist airports, FBOs & ground handling companies grow efficiently & deal with the competition head on, allowing them to attract new customers, keep existing customers & generate maximum revenue.

He is Business Aviation Editor at Flying in Ireland Magazine & a contributor to many BizAv magazines including Bluesky, Business Airports International & has written feature articles for P1 & historic aircraft magazine FlyPast.

He is a founding member & CEO of the Irish Business Aviation Association (IrBAA), Honorary President of Runway Aviation Club Ghana, founder of Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers & a member of the Commemorative Air Force Marshallers Detachment.


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