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Eurocopter X3 begins testing; company calls it a turboprop-helicopter hybrid

Eurocopter raised the curtain today and gave the aviation world a look at its X3, a high-speed hybrid helicopter that the company calls “a new milestone in (its) innovation roadmap.”

The X3 will combine VTOL capabilities with a cruise speed of more than 220 knots, according to the company’s engineers.

The design includes a trio of rotors, with a five-blade main system on top and twin-prop short-span fixed wings on either side of the cockpit.

“This creates an advanced transportation system offering the speed of a turboprop-powered aircraft and the full hover flight capabilities of a helicopter,” says a statement on the company’s web site.

Read more about testing plans for the Eurocopter X3 after the jump. More...

General Aviation news briefs: Flying Wisconsin, Connecting Pilots and Prairie Aircraft

How many airports do you have in your backyard? Ever counted them all, and then flown there?

Wisconsin pilot and aviation advocate Rose Dorcey set out this summer, along with her pilot husband John, to do just that.

With 45 runways already checked off on their trip, they have 15 more to go. They then can say they visited 60 public airports in the Badger State’s 72 counties over the course of four flights.

Dorcey, who took her first flight lesson at in Wisconsin Rapids at South Wood County Airport (ISW) on her 30th birthday “a few years ago,” says she still has not lost the passion of being up in the air. The image at the top of this post, taken from her blog, shows the next trip she envisions — flying a set of waypoints that allows her to trace out the state boundaries of Wisconsin. Or perhaps her flying IFR into the 17 general aviation airports in the state that support it.

We think her current endeavor is just as neat and as future one may be. Plus, it is something many of us could do if we possess as much creativity. What better mode can connect you to your statewide neighbors and, at the same time, allow you to take in the scope of countryside that surrounds you? Read about the voyage and see tons of aerial pictures of the beautiful lake-filled American countryside on her blog, Flying Wisconsin. More...

NBAA gives pointers on how to use your aircraft for business

Caught up in the hoopla surrounding Airventure (and deservedly so) we slightly delayed posting this news from the NBAA, which recently placed a feature on its web site giving tips on how an aircraft owner can better use a plane for business.

A couple of weeks ago, the NBAA issued a press release highlighting some of the aspects on the page:

Owner-flown aircraft can provide companies with all of the efficiency, productivity and financial benefits that can be realized with business aviation. To best serve company employees who are considering whether an airplane can help them in the conduct of businesses, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today released a new primer, titled How to Use Your Airplane for Business, which provides practical guidance on how and why companies should consider allowing the use of personal, employee-flown aircraft for business purposes.

“NBAA has always promoted the use of aircraft in the conduct of business, but companies sometimes overlook the idea of putting an employee’s aircraft to work to make business travel efficient and productive,” said Mike Nichols, NBAA vice president of operations, education & economics. “How to Use Your Airplane for Business provides companies and employee-pilots with the guidance they need to formulate a policy that will encourage use of personally operated aircraft in the course of their business.”

The resource outlines key advantages for both employees and employers when utilizing owner-flown aircraft for their business, and offers advice for employees seeking to convince their employers of the benefits of using owner-flown aircraft.

The primer also provides guidance on how to proceed even after the decision to make use of owner-flown aircraft has been made. Specifically, this includes direction on how to create a company policy covering the use of the owner-flown aircraft, and ideas on how to determine policy goals.

The topics covered in this new NBAA resource will also be the subject of several education sessions at the upcoming Light Business Airplane Conference, produced in conjunction with the NBAA 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010), to be held in Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 19-21, and again later in the year, in conjunction with the AOPA Aviation Summit in Long Beach, Calif., Nov. 11-13.

View the complete feature on the NBAA web site here.

A new feature for buying and selling aircraft

Here is a copy of a press release we issued earlier today about our new aircraft comparison feature. Check it out by using this example here of a Gulfstream G550. revamped its Aircraft Exchange site in early 2010 to include a treasure trove of new features. Yet the company refused to stop there.

This month it added another new tool that will make life much easier for those in the market to purchase an aircraft.

Programmers at, with the help of several aircraft brokers, developed an in-depth aircraft comparison tool launched this week. Prospective buyers can use it to contrast an unlimited number of a type of aircraft to seek certain features such as interior layout, an avionics suite or maintenance updates.

Other comparison aspects include when and what particular paint job looks like, engine specifications, propeller / APU times, and a section for options and features.

“This is a technology-driven achievement,” said Jeff Carrithers, president of “Now it will be so much easier for aircraft brokers and end users to have a research tool to compare an unlimited number of aircraft at the click of a button.” representatives will show off the new feature, along with other site upgrades, later this month at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisc., July 26 - Aug. 1. They encourage you to visit them at Hangar D, Booth 4028.

“It is informative, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye,” Carrithers said. “The aircraft broker/dealer community is going to thank us. We’re helping buyers perform research that normally is burdensome to the sales process because of the lack of information. The more details you can give a buyer, especially on a large-ticket item like an aircraft, the more readily they can make a decision. After visiting our site, all they have to do is call, email or text a seller. Then the deal process is one step closer to being done.”

Earlier this year, performed a major overhaul to its Aircraft Exchange.

Among the many updates added, the new features allow an advertiser to post an unlimited number of aircraft images into a click-and-drag photo-flow tool, options for a seller to receive ad inquiries via text message, a feature invented by developers. A buyer also can post an aircraft to a Facebook page and has the ability to download complete specs of an aircraft, along with images and any other details a seller wants to make available.

“We’ve went all out on this new page,” Carrithers said. “Seeing an ad on our site is the next best thing to looking at an actual aircraft in person. Now that we have included this comparison feature, the sky truly is the limit for dealers displaying an aircraft on our site.”

Aircraft for sale: has another new way for you to find what you want

aircraft for sale at hosted by

Here is yet another component to our Aircraft Exchange, our continually evolving and best-on-the-Net aircraft-for-sale classified showcase. This site,, takes you directly to a comprehensive rundown of the latest additions to our site. Need to see what is on the aircraft sales market right now? This is the place to do it. Give it a try and let us know how much you love it. 

Find your next aircraft, then look up a destination airport to fly it. We have the needs of pilots and aircraft owners covered at every corner here at We thank you once again for your support.


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