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Entering mid-August, between now and mid-September historically is the peak time for hurricane formation. Though there fortunately are no storms at sea presently, this time of year often leads to aircraft loaded with scientific data flying into the eye of the deadly storms.

OK, so you are probably not going to be flying into a hurricane anytime soon, unless you pilot a P3 or G-IV for NOAA (or a C-130 for the Air Force Hurricane Hunters). Still, that does not mean you cannot track them when they form via our Airport Resource Center, which provides local and national aviation weather for the entire United States.

Whether the sky is threatening or friendly, you can rely on our information to help you plan flights, (though we obviously discourage using these maps for navigational purposes).

By clicking on our Airport Resource Center weather section you get access to data on icing, turbulence, convection, PIREP, METAR, TAF, AIRMET, SIGMET, satellite imagery, radar loops, surface maps, winds aloft, temperature, NEXRAD, precipitation, rain, snow, sleet, thunderstorm, enroute and prognostic charts. All of it is up to date and comes from NOAA, ADDS and DTC DUATS.

The images above were taken from our web site just as Hurricane Gustav made landfall in Louisiana in 2008. [more]

Keeping with the hurricane theme, the late summer of 2008 was a rather active time for the cyclones. A mere two weeks after this image, Hurricane Ike made landfall near Galveston, Texas. This storm created a bit of history when its remnants combined with an upper-level disturbance once over land.

It resulted in a freak-occurrence, no-rainfall, hurricane-force windstorm that closed airports in our region, including Louisville International (SDF), our now-home of Bowman Field (LOU) and Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International (CVG). Hundreds of thousands lost electrical power for days, including our office then located near downtown.

The event led us to increase our backup capability to help ensure you get the accurate aviation information from us when you need it. We encourage you to check out our Airport Resource Center for flight info, weather, and even to find a hotel, golf course or $100 Hamburger stand. Happy travels!