NTSB issues preliminary report on Roush Airventure crash; update on injuries he received

The NTSB issued its preliminary report late last week into the Beechcraft Premier crash landing of NASCAR team owner Jack Roush that occurred last month during EAA Airventure 2010 in Oshkosh, Wisc.

It cites amateur video taken during the incident, which hospitalized Roush and a passenger with serious but not life-threatening injuries. The agency said in its report that the video shows Roush’s aircraft overshot the centerline of the runway after a left base turn for final “before entering a slight right bank simultaneously as the nose of the airplane pitched up.”

“The airplane then turned left toward the runway centerline and began a descent,” the preliminary report continues. “During this descent the airplane’s pitch appeared to increase until the airplane entered a right bank and struck the grass area west of the runway in a nose down, right wing low attitude.”

The report indicated that no mechanical failure of any sort is suspected as a factor.

Roush spoke to media this weekend, saying that the proposed path of his flight conflicted with that of another aircraft. However, the NTSB preliminary report did not make mention of this. [more]

I was put in conflict with the flight plan of another airplane close to the ground, and I was unable to address the conflict and keep the airplane flying,” Roush is quoted as saying to the AOL web publication Motorsports. “I ground-looped the airplane.”

On AvWeb.com, an MP3 posted of the Wittman Regional Airport (OSH) air traffic control tower recording indicates that one controller doubted whether Roush could complete the instructions he received. This NTSB preliminary report also does not mention this.

Roush’s facial injuries received in the crash are discussed at further length in the Motorsports article, including his losing sight in one eye and suffering a broken jaw.  Shortly after being transported to a local Wisconsin hospital, Roush was relocated to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

UPDATE: AvWeb now reports that the voice saying, "don't think so," on the ATC recording likely is Roush himself.