Citation Mustang outfitted with medical gear

Cessna recently announced that its Citation Mustang can now complete another mission, this one perhaps to save lives.

The aircraft can now be outfitted with equipment from Spectrum Aeromed to modify it into a medical transport. Cessna delivered the news during last month’s EAA Airventure.

The medical Mustang will feature the single-patient 2200 Series advanced life-support module from Spectrum Aeromed. It features a specially designed stretcher to move patients comfortably in and out of tight quarters. [more]

The system includes 3500 liters of oxygen, an air compressor and vacuum pump, in addition to AC outlets and pneumatic outlets. It currently can be fitted into the Citation I, II and III models, as well as other aircraft.

Cessna will install the system at its service center in Wichita, Kansas in about a week’s time, the company said in a release. Pricing has not yet been released.

The first delivery is set to take place in October to Jet Budget, a Caribbean charter operator, according to the Cessna statement.