AOPA begins 'special report' on avgas transition

In what the organization called a special report, the AOPA released a series of stories this week on the future of 100LL.

Several stories in a newsletter distributed by the pilots’ association discuss several aspects that anchor the debate of any transition, one that in all likelihood is a matter of when rather than if.

Articles cover subjects such as the role of federal agencies, such as the EPA and FAA in a transition, what steps may need to be taken to convert aircraft, how 30 percent of the GA fleet consumes 70 percent of the 100LL stock for anti-knock protection and a Q&A session.

AOPA President Craig Fuller also weighs in with a statement to group members, saying a “SWAT team” of communications and government-relations specialists from the organization have stepped to the plate as the nation discussion over removing lead from avgas has become more active. [more]

“AOPA has focused on representing the interest of all our members in regulatory proceedings  and keeping you informed,” Fuller wrote.

Here concludes that several principles dominate the landscape of 100LL’s transition. They are:

-       100LL will remain readily available, but there is currently no clear “drop-in” replacement for 100LL;

-       An industry avgas coalition has organized around a Future Avgas Strategy and Transition Plan—that is committed to a process and path that will address the needs of the entire GA fleet;

-       This process toward a single-fuel solution that assures safe operations, meets infrastructure concerns, and affordable economics will take many years.

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