A new Cessna turboprop? Cessna E350?

The rumor mill churned at last week’s NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta, Ga., that Cessna Aircraft Co., may have something up its sleeve in addition to the Citation Ten it unveiled there.

In the video above, AOPA Pilot interviews Cessna CEO Jack Pelton and he hints that the aircraft maker might be developing a single-turboprop model to be marketed as an option in between the Corvalis TT and Citation Mustang.

“(It) would ideally have a cruise speed greater than 300 knots,” Pelton says in the interview. “And a price point between $1 and $2.2 million. We want to be south of the Mustang in terms of price.”


Russ Niles writes for AvWeb this week that such an aircraft could compete with the Piper Meridian and Socata TBM 850, as Corvalis and Cirrus Aircraft pilots look to train up for an increase of range and speed.

Pelton has said he wants the Cessna product line to be ready to absorb new buyers as the economy rights itself. He told AOPA Pilot that he would like for a new product to be rolled out at the AOPA Aviation Summit next month in Long Beach, Calif. However, such an announcement may be “too soon,” he said.

An N-number has surfaced among aviation sleuths, N350CE, that shows up in our aircraft registration tool as a single turboprop two-seater registered to Cessna. It is listed there as a Cessna E350.

UPDATE: AvWeb now has what it says are images of the Cessna turboprop. Check them out here