Cirrus looks toward diesel engine that could begin testing next year

Cirrus Aircraft

Engineers from Cirrus Aircraft gathered in Wisconsin this week to discuss a new aircraft engine that would run on diesel fuel.

According to a report from the Duluth (Minn.) News-Tribune, investors who attended the meeting were encouraged to boost Engineered Propulsion Systems Inc. so it can hire more employees to help develop an engine “that could propel the industry away from leaded fuels.”

The company hopes to finish design work and begin building an engine prototype that could be running by the middle of next year, the report quotes EPS President Michael Fuchs as saying.


 Paul Johnston, the chief engineer for Cirrus, told the News-Tribune that the aircraft maker has spent the past decade working with various companies to roll out an engine that relies on an unleaded fuel available worldwide as the Environmental Protection Agency seeks to phase out 100LL.

“It really gives you hope that this will be the engine to power our airplanes into the next decade,” Johnston told the newspaper.

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