Piper increases in shipments, billings in 2010

AOPA Pilot reported yesterday, Piper Aircraft released its 2010 shipment and billing figures Feb. 22, reporting an increase in both areas. The news came the same day as the General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s State of the Industry address, which reported a continued decrease in GA shipments but an increase in billings.

 As GAMA had reported, emerging markets worldwide contributed to the increase in billings. The same was true for Piper, which delivered 47 training aircraft to four foreign countries—Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Qatar—and the United States. Piper said that it also expanded its overall market share in deliveries of piston and turboprop aircraft from 10.5 percent in 2009 to 20.1 percent this year.

Piper deliveries increased 75 percent in 2010, with 160 aircraft. Billings rose nearly 38 percent to $120 million, the company reported.

Of Piper’s eight models of aircraft that were shipped in 2010, each saw double-digit numbers, except for the Arrow. The Mirage and Meridian accounted for the most deliveries, with 26 and 25, respectively. The company shipped more than 20 of the Warrior III, Archer III, Seneca V, and Matrix. It delivered four Arrows and 16 Seminoles.

Shipments and billings in the fourth quarter gave Piper a boost, with 53 deliveries and $42 million in billings.

While Piper expanded its market share in piston and turboprop aircraft, it is eyeing the business jet market with the PiperJet Altaire. Piper announced a redesign of the PiperJet, along with the new name, during the National Business Aviation Association annual convention in October. As AOPA previously reported, the first flight is scheduled to take place in 2012, with deliveries beginning in 2013.

In January, Piper left a new segment of the aviation industry—the light sport aircraft market. It ended its one-year relationship with Czech Sport Aircraft, which built the PiperSport LSA, because of a difference in business philosophies.