signs petition for opposition of the proposed FAA's announcement that it will begin charging for NOS chart downloads has learned that the FAA is planning on charging for NOS chart downloads and has joined the petition to oppose this new infringement on the aviation industry.  "IMC Club International Inc. President Radek R. Wyrzykowski was the first to sign the petition.  In a press release on November 15th Mr. Radek comments, "During these tough financial times, where student pilot enrollments are already drastically reduced, one has to ask the simple question - How many flight instructors, students and pilots will have extra funds to cover additional expenses? Pilot safety is at risk. Forcing the General Aviation community, the very backbone of aviation safety, to incur additional expenses will surely lead to less proficiency, poorly educated pilots and will drastically compromise the safety of aviation. IMC Club International Inc. strongly opposes charging fees to companies for government airport and approach data downloads while no longer allowing individuals access to them without incurring substantial fees.”

“IMC Club International Inc. strongly opposes the FAA's announcement that it will begin charging for NOS chart downloads that were previously free. The new policy will start beginning April 5, 2012. This means charging fees to companies for downloads and no longer allowing individuals to access them at all. As of April 5, only those with distribution contracts with Aeronav will be able to download the data. This action will put a severe financial burden on flight instructors, pilots and students. It will affect small aviation safety material distribution companies like ForeFlight. Only large aviation corporations will be able to offset these expenses.  This policy will have serious and wide ranging implications for the general aviation economy as it will restrict access to basic safety and proficiency materials.

Besides its immediate impact on aviation safety, this FAA action will set a sad and dangerous precedent for the future of aviation in the United States. It will open the door to imposing future additional charges such as weather briefings, calls to ATC while enroute, and formerly free usage of the ATC system.

An online petition has been created at “We the People” to gather support against the new Federal Aviation Administration’s policy.  If the petition receives 25,000 "signatures" by December 14, White House staff will review it, ensure that it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.

For more information and to view and sign this petition: would like to urge all persons involved with the aviation industry to seriously consider signing the petition as it effects each and everyone of us.  This is another clear example of our government not thoroughly investigating the entire picture and how it effects more than a few pilots as clearly stated in Mr. Wyrzykowski comments.