General Aviation Airport Coalition launches petition against $100 fee

By Janice Wood of General Aviation News

The General Aviation Airport Coalition has initiated a petition on the White House website that, if signed by 25,000 people or more by May 16, 2012, will elicit an official response by the administration about how they determined that the proposed $100 fee for general aviation aircraft is fair.

“Even if we don’t get the 25,000 signatures, a significant showing on this petition will help us continue to make noise on this issue that just won’t go away,” say officials with the GA organization.

The proposed fee would impose a $100 per flight fee for aircraft that use ATC services. Piston aircraft and GA recreational flights are exempt from the fee.

The new petition asks the Obama administration to explain in detail, its continued push for a $100 per segment aviation user fee.

“In the interest of transparency and in order to maintain a healthy aviation industry, we request that the White House explain how it calculated that a $100 per flight segment user fee is a fair contribution to fund FAA,” the petition states. “We further request an explanation of how the White House determined that the most effective method of collecting this user fee should be through a new, yet-to-be-developed taxing system, rather than the successful aviation fuel tax currently in place.”

You can see the petition here.