Absolute Poppycock about taking the Bus!

First the Railway System, then Buses, now Business Aviation, but if you believe half of what the Obama administration wants you to believe, they will have you thinking that they have gone back to Buses exclusively for all of their political campaign travel.

White House policy has for decades always allowed the use of military aircraft by currently seated politicians for official business, as long as the White House Counsel’s Office rules that the proposed flights qualify based upon scheduling, communications or security issues. The kicker is that it is still okay to use a military aircraft even for non-official business as long as the U.S. Government is reimbursed. The rate is calculated by using the going rate for a commercial coach ticket on the airlines, plus one dollar.

The reimbursement rules did change in 2010. For non-military aircraft used by U.S. political figures for campaigning travel, must now pay the pro rata charter rate for travel on private aircraft (fair market value of the normal and usual charter fare or rental charge for a Comparable-aircraft-of-comparable-size.)

Air-Force One and Marine-One are both military aircraft and come under the same guidelines followed by the White House Counsel’s Office. The full direct operating cost of Air-Force which is reported by the Pentagon as being $181,757 per hour is never recaptured regardless of what the purpose and reason of travel is.

Air-Force One currently flies on average, every-other day which is less than when George W. Bush was president because former Air-Force One captain, Colonel Mark Tillman Air Force retired, reported that he flew more than 200 flights a-year for the former President.

The assertion that the 44th President of the United States is now taking the Bus instead of Air-Force One is pure poppycock, and even though I lean towards the signature by-line that a friend of mine uses on all of her email messages: “This Fall -- Fire 'Em All. ReElect -- No One!!” I am however very encouraged by the fact that Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney is a Marquis Jet Card user who flies on NetJets regularly as well as being a regular charter customer for a Cessna Citation CJ4 and other aircraft in-and-out of Beverley, Massachusetts. I have a feeling that if elected, Mr. Romney will continue to be a user of our Business Aviation Industry, rather than an Abuser like the current fellow.

The politically correct statement made by most politicians that they ‘take the Bus instead of a Business Jet’, is truly a bogus. Anyone that believes this, or worse yet wants this, are in my mind an enemy against this great country. As I have stated previously at this, my Blog at Globalair.com: “The United States Invented the Airplane. Aviation was born in the U.S.A. in 1903. Aviation is a very American Industry. The United States has led the World as the foremost producer of Business, General Aviation, Airliner and Military Aircraft. The largest fleet of Business and General Aviation aircraft also exists in the United States. This country also still has the largest economy on this planet. Contrary to what many Socialist and Ignorant thinkers and orators might try and make the general public believe; it is fact number one that the liquid that flows through the economic veins of this country is Jet A1.

It is about time that all American Citizen’s learn about these facts so they can begin to take on as their own, the pride that this industry has always known but has never been recognized for, that: “The roots of the Global Aviation Industry is 100% All-American; and Aviation is absolutely Vital to the Economic Prosperity of all American Citizens.”

So why would any intelligent person choose to take the Bus instead of a Business Jet? Regardless of how you feel about wealth, personally I like rich people because 100% of my income is derived from them, thus it is natural for me to defend them, and I promise you that I will-always be a defender.

As a parting side-note to all aircraft owners, it might be important for you to know that under cfr 14, FAR 91, subpart 321, which is titled: “Carriage of candidates in elections.”


(a) As an aircraft operator, you may receive payment for carrying a candidate, agent of a candidate, or person traveling on behalf of a candidate, running for Federal, State, or local election, without having to comply with the rules in parts 121, 125 or 135 of this chapter, under the following conditions:

(1) Your primary business is not as an air carrier or commercial operator;

(2) You carry the candidate, agent, or person traveling on behalf of a candidate, under the rules of part 91; and

(3) By Federal, state or local law, you are required to receive payment for carrying the candidate, agent, or person travelling on behalf of a candidate. For federal elections, the payment may not exceed the amount required by the Federal Election Commission. For a state or local election, the payment may not exceed the amount required under the applicable state or local law.

(b) For the purposes of this section, for Federal elections, the terms candidate and election have the same meaning as set forth in the regulations of the Federal Election Commission. For State or local elections, the terms candidate and election have the same meaning as provided by the applicable State or local law and those terms relate to candidates for election to public office in State and local government elections.