CubCrafters Announces 2013 Changes To Carbon Cub SS

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CubCrafters Announces 2013 Changes To Carbon Cub SS New Cowl Design, Improved Heater, New Starter Among The Upgrades For Next Year

After three years in production and a fleet of well over one hundred aircraft, the CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS is evolving for 2013, the company says.

Highlights include a new cowling design, an improved cabin heat system, a new starter, and a new system voltage monitor. New options are also being introduced including a ground adjustable propeller from Whirl Wind, a GPS-equipped Emergency Locator Transmitter, and new amphibious floats from Aerocet are coming soon.

“We have been working hard for the past year on these improvements and are pleased to now announce them” says CubCrafters General Manager Randy Lervold. “These improvements are a direct result of feedback from both our customers and our dealer network. Our team here has done an outstanding job of further improving an already exciting aircraft.”

The redesigned cowling meets Part 23 cooling test standards and results in up to a 40° reduction in cylinder head temperatures thereby providing greater cooling margin when operating in the most challenging ambient conditions. The new cabin heat system boasts a 340% increase in airflow (CFM) and a 200% BTU increase over the previous system, for far more comfortable cabin temperatures during cold-weather flying.

The new SmartMonitor electrical system voltage monitor improves safety by constantly monitoring and displaying the status of both the main bus and ignition backup battery systems. Should any drop in voltage be detected, the pilot is visually alerted immediately.

The new Hartzell starter is 1.7 pounds lighter than the starter used previously. It improves hot starts while drawing less current.

CubCrafters is now accepting orders for the 2013 Carbon Cub SS. Prices start at $172,990.

(Images provided by CubCrafters)