Cessna Updates on Programs in the Works

Today at Oshkosh, Cessna held a press conference to announce the progress on some of their programs that are underway.  Here are a few highlights:

* Grand Caravan EX has been delivering, 16 orders going into Africa alone, without a demonstrator present.  Huge in Russia as well, great commuter there.

* Cessna TTX has just been certified, starting on deliveries now.

* Turbo Skyline JTA, JET A fueled, currently in the certification process, expected in 3rd quarter.

* Turbo Stationair NightSky edition, new black paint that is reflective on the body and propellor, similar to white paint, defers heat and allows painting flexibility, offered for limited time.

* Cessna is now partnering with Kansas State University; any new pilots trained at Cessna pilot centers can now get college credit towards their degree, beginning in the fall of 2014. 

* Discover Flying Challenge, putting interns into the field in new aircraft to promote general aviation, now partnering with five charitable organizations.  The winner this year, based on his social media work and more, is Brian Todd.  

* Cessna's 9th year as presenting sponsoring the Young Eagles program.  Brian Olena, Young Eagle's leader, was presented a check for $100,000 for the Thursday Young Eagle's gathering.

* Jamie McMurray, the driver of the #1 Cessna stock car, was present as well to discuss the importance of general aviation for him and his racing team.  His aircraft of choice has been a Citation X.  They have also partnered to give the winning bidder at the Young Eagle auction an experience at the track in the pits and meeting drivers and more.