Traceability Equals Peace of Mind

Getting Exactly what You Want from Your Parts Vendor

Thomas Rountree – Parts Manager for Elliott Aviation

Everyone wants to have a hassle-free shopping experience and shopping for aircraft parts is no exception. It’s likely that you and your company are short on time and resources so the less time you have to research aircraft parts, the better, especially in an AOG situation. This is where a computer maintenance management system can save you dozens of hours.

If your parts dealer has a good computer maintenance management system, they will be able to tell you the history of that aircraft part from the time the order was placed, what work order it went on, when it was installed, or who it was sold to. It also allows them to trace a specific part to a serial number or lot number sequence so you know how close in age available parts are to the one you have specified.

I recently had a customer experience a computer problem in his airplane and he wanted to know the serial number of the part. At the time, he either wanted his existing equipment repaired or exchanged for a newer model. With just the serial number of his aircraft, we were able to give him options in less than a minute and shipped him a loaner to install the following day while we repaired his faulty device.

A good computer maintenance management system can also help you if you happen to lose your trace documentation. Any reputable company with a good system could replicate and send you the documentation in a matter of minutes. It can also provide you with logbook/date of installation validation. Ultimately, it saves you a lot of hassle. You are the customer; make sure your parts supplier is taking the time to do the research on your behalf.

Thomas Rountree started in logistics when he joined the US Army at the age of 18. His entire career has revolved around that field, including 25 years in retail distribution. He joined Elliott Aviation in 2006 as a shipping-receiving associate, after one year he moved into the Avionics procurement group. A short year later he became the Parts Department Manager and was later promoted to Material Support Manager. He is currently the Director of Parts & Component Services overseeing the Parts Departments, Accessory Shop and Elliott Parts Sales (EPS) group for Elliott Aviation, Inc. ).

Elliott Aviation is a second-generation, family-owned business aviation company offering a complete menu of high quality products and services including aircraft sales, avionics service & installations, aircraft maintenance, accessory repair & overhaul, paint and interior, charter and aircraft management. Serving the business aviation industry nationally and internationally, they have facilities in Moline, IL, Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN. The company is a member of the Pinnacle Air Network, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), National Air Transportation Association (NATA), and National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).