Beechjet Landing Gear Overhaul

Beechjet landing gear requires overhaul every 5,000 cycles. In between overhauls, a Beechjet operator is likely to need unscheduled maintenance items such as brakes, wheels, tires and other items as required. Components like brakes can be turned in as little as three days and wheels as little as two.

A total Beechjet landing gear overhaul is an extensive event that requires many man hours to complete. If a repair is needed to the airframe, such as a trunnion repair that is becoming more common, AOG support is required to complete.

During the total landing gear overhaul, everything is inspected and repaired to FAA regulations including seals, bushings, wheels, brakes and overall condition of structural components. The time-lapse video below gives you a behind-the-scenes account of the process of a set of Beechjet main landing gear being overhauled with a complete AOG repair of the trunnion.