Garmin G1000 Rebate Includes ADS-B Requirement

By Mark Wilken
Director of Avionics Sales for Elliott Aviation

Avionics at Elliott Aviation


Garmin recently announced rebates of $50,000 to owners and operators of King Air C90, 200/B200, 300 and 350 who upgrade their factory installed Pro Line 21 avionics system to the Garmin 1000 system before May 29, 2015. Those with other avionics systems who upgrade prior to May 29, 2015 will receive $25,000.

The G1000 will replace an entire avionics package in a King Air and can increase useful load by an average of 250 pounds. The system incorporates graphical weather, synthetic vision, traffic, terrain and other avoidance systems into a simple three-panel display unit and takes only 15 working days to install.

Something you may not know about the G1000, however, is that it also includes automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast, or ADS-B Out. This is important because an upcoming mandate by the FAA requires each aircraft to transmit ADS-B to ground stations by January 1st, 2020 in an effort to modernize the air traffic system.

ADS-B Out is a WAAS GPS based signal that broadcasts your aircraft position, vector, altitude and velocity to ADS-B ground stations in an effort to make the skies safer. This will allow air traffic controllers to more efficiently route traffic to reduce congestion, emission and fuel consumption. To ensure safety, ADS-B needs to broadcast WAAS GPS data from a highly accurate source.

With the G1000 you can add value to your aircraft while getting many enhancements including meeting the ADS-B Out requirement. Garmin’s rebate offer is available until May 29, 2015.

Mark Wilken joined Elliott Aviation in 1989 as an Avionics Bench Technician. He was promoted to Avionics Manager in 1996 and joined the sales team in 2003. Mark has led many highly successful avionics programs such as the King Air Garmin G1000 avionics retrofit program. He recently led efforts for Wi-Fi solutions in Hawkers, King Airs and Phenom 300’s. Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University and is a licensed Pilot.

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