Ideas for the Ultimate Aviation Wedding

Love is certainly in the air! Photo by Kendra Lynne Photography.

It’s no secret that my life would be completely different if I had never gotten involved in aviation. I would not have been to so many places, met so many great people, and I may not have met my soon-to-be husband! A little over two years ago we met at the airport when he flew in and I was working as a recruiter for my flight school. I saw his handsome guy getting out of his Stinson 10A and asked him if he was planning to go flying any time soon. We took a short flight and immediately felt a connection. He asked me out on a real date for the next weekend, and our relationship grew through many adventures, flying and otherwise.

He asked me to marry him last October and it has been a rollercoaster planning for our August wedding. I never should have underestimated how many decisions and small details go into planning a wedding. When both the bride and groom are pilots that are very passionate about aviation, it’s only natural to have some elements of that world on your big day. I have been researching this a lot lately and I would like to share some of the best ideas I have come across.

Location – You can’t get much more aviation themed than having your wedding at an airport. Hangars make the perfect venues, with their large open space and proximity to beautiful airplanes. Another option is to have it outside at a grass airfield, with chairs and a tent set out for guests. I know of a few hangars around the area that specifically rent out their space for big events and weddings, but there are also plenty of privately owned hangars and airfields that it would be worth seeing if you could rent for an evening.

Invitations via Design4Eternity, LetterBoxInk, and Tulaloo.

Invitations – One of the first things your guests will see that reflect your wedding style is the invitation. There is a plethora of sites out there that sell wedding invitations, but Etsy is a particularly great resource for aviation themed invites. Their styles range from a simple airline silhouette to a full on replica of an airline ticket. Guests will love seeing these unique and beautiful invites in their mailboxes, and it will set the stage for your aviation wedding.

Decorations – Arguably one of the most important parts of any big event is the decoration. They help transform a normal place into something magical by creating an atmosphere for the guests. Brides and grooms who pay attention to the details will love adding a few nods to aviation in their decorating. Pinterest is full of great ideas to elegantly decorate, including champagne glasses with airplanes etched into them and "pilot/copilot" signage. You could ago get more DIY with your decorations, such as using a logbook for the guest book.

Via Southern Weddings and Rock N Roll Bride.

Accessories – If there is anything a pilot knows about it is accessorizing. Aviator sunglasses, "remove before flight" key chains, and watches with fancy flight computers can often be seen at your local airport. If you aren’t quite ready to make the whole wedding aviation themed, subtle accessories can help tie in your passion to the big day. What about a pair of high altitude chart cufflinks? There’s always the option of wearing a striking pair of airplane heels.

The Cake – One of the ways that I am sharing my aviation love on our big day is through the cake. The bride’s cake topper features a biplane silhouette and the groom’s cake will be an edible replica of the red biplane we often fly. I have seen cake toppers of the couple in an airplane, and cakes decorated with runways running down the sides. If you get a great cake designer, there’s no limit to the cakes you could amaze your guest with!

The Getaway – I think it almost goes without saying that a licensed pilot could do one of the coolest getaways ever. Imagine having all of your family and friends watching as you fly away into the sunset with the love of your life. This was a huge plus to me when I was considering having our wedding at an airfield. Leave your guests with an unforgettable ending to their night and show off your piloting skills at the same time!

I hope that some of these ideas have inspired you in any wedding or event planning you have. There are thousands of resources out there to help, and you should take pride in showing off your aviation-filled life!