Top 5 Things that Happened at Oshkosh 2016

This year at Oshkosh was one of the biggest and most exciting yet. It seems that the world’s biggest airshow continues to get better every year. Unfortunately I was unable to go this year because of how close the date was to my upcoming wedding. However, this did not deter my groom and he flew his Stinson 10A up for the week and kept me updated on daily events.

Several major things happened at Oshkosh this year and I was able to live vicariously through my Facebook friends as they experienced them. So here is an outsider’s view of the most talked about events at Oshkosh 2016!

1. The Martin Mars Water Drop

If you have been following anything online from Oshkosh, I am certain you have seen the infamous video of the Martin Mars dropping thousands of gallons of water during an airshow. It dropped 7,200 gallons of Lake Winnebago water, to be exact. The Martin Mars is the world’s largest warbird ever built, originally designed to be a bomber for long-range missions. It was converted into the massive firefighting water bomber that it is today in the early 60s. There’s also good news if you are interested in owning the Oshkosh show-stopper – it is up for sale for a reported 3 million dollars.

2. Harrison Ford was Everywhere

I am a member of several discussion groups online for female pilots, both private and public. When I scrolled down my newsfeed and saw a woman in such a group post a photo of herself standing with Harrison Ford, it blew me away! I showed my mom and my friends and joked about how if I were there I would have met him. Little did I know that within the next couple days, dozens of people in my newsfeed would post their own photos with or of Harrison Ford. It seemed like he was everywhere, and there was plenty of photo evidence of this. It was a huge year for him, too, as he flew the 2 millionth EAA Young Eagle in his de Havilland Beaver.

3. The Canadian Snowbirds Routine

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds took to the skies over Oshkosh for the first time in over 30 years. By all reports, it was absolutely breathtaking. They flew several complicated maneuvers and were definitely a fan favorite. The team flew in Canadair CT-114 Tutors, keeping incredibly sharp formations. This was certainly a highlight for the week and I’m sure EAA is thankful to our friends up north for the amazing show!

4. Another Breathtaking Night Airshow

The EAA nighttime airshow is a fairly recent addition to the week. Guests are able to watch the unique combination of amazing aerobatics and dazzling lights. On Wednesday night this spectacular nighttime airshow entertained thousands as the airplanes and fireworks boomed through the darkness. This is always a treat, but EAA seems to always find a way to make it better each year.

5. EAA Drone Center Continued to Grow

An exhibit that has been steadily growing over the last few years is the Drone Center in Aviation Gateway Park. Catering to pilots who have a particular interest in drones, this large caged area was used for flight demonstrations of the latest models all week. It is fascinating how this would not have existed several years back, and how it is gaining so much traction nowadays.

What was your favorite Airventure highlight? We can only wait in anticipation for next year’s amazing week in Oshkosh!