Back to the Grind..Or is it?

For many students, the first week of college is now complete.  I like to call it “National Read-The-Syllabus” Week.   We’re all getting settled in for the next several months where our lives will be consumed with lectures, readings, assignments, projects, and non-stop craziness of making sure our schedules stay on track.   It’s easy to get discouraged with the seemingly insurmountable task of just surviving the academic year – so, these are my tips on keeping your cool in the midst of the craziness, but while still having fun in school.


Yes, this a no-brainer, however, how many of us find ourselves drifting during a lecture?  It’s not hard to get distracted by your phone (put it away!) during class, or “taking notes” on your laptop when you are in fact on Facebook or reading this blog. 

I know it’s hard to focus, but take out a piece of paper and really listen to your professors and jot down some notes.  Hand-writing your notes actually aids in storing information into long-term memory and you can accomplish this by actively listening to what your professor, or classmates, are saying and then summarizing that into your own words. 

It’s also important to listen to your classmates during group discussions, in or outside of class.  You could understand a topic a little better if heard a different way or from a different person– you just never know unless you learn to listen.


Sure, this probably is a “duh!” phrase, but remember you are there to learn!  We all have those days when we show up because we just want those points for attending because they add up over the semester, or we really don’t want our Grade Point Average (GPA) to take a hit in that 5-credit class.  Seriously though, remember you are there to learn about something you are passionate about!

I know it can be tough to keep your attention directed when the topic may not be your cup of tea.  It’s important to realize that class is a part of the bigger picture and I promise you that one day you’ll remember that one concept from class and apply it in your job.  I know this to be accurate because I have!

Find one thing you really enjoy about that class if it’s really that tough and hold on to it!  I just sat through a first day of a class this week and couldn’t help but think I wasn’t creative enough to be there especially because the class is all about entrepreneurship.  However, I realize my professor is pretty awesome, I sat at a table with a lot of people I already know, and I’m probably not the only one feeling really un-creative.  So, we all get to be un-creative together and hopefully have a really great semester.


Yeah, remember to laugh!  We can all think of a really corny joke that a professor told and how nobody laughs except probably that one person – I’m usually that one person, by the way. 

Even if it’s the most boring class, you have to have fun someway!  So, laugh at those corny jokes, tell one to your fellow classmate, or your professor.  It’ll help with some of those first-week jitters, or first-quiz jitters, or first-exam jitters.  Seriously (but don’t be too serious)!!!

Also, find a time to do something that does make you laugh.  Netflix carries a lot of good comedies, but just remember to chill in moderation.  Unwind with a couple episodes, or get together with some of your friends to unwind from the stress of the week.  You’ll thank me later.

Have An Awesome Year!

Students, I hope you have an awesome year!  Remember to listen, learn, and laugh!  Most of all, remember that college is part of the bigger picture and it’s only a short part of your life, so take advantage of your opportunities and of course, make sure to keep reading the blog

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