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Aircraft Market Report: 2006 Q3

by Jeremy Cox 1. October 2006 00:00
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Most of the data contained in this report is very courteously and kindly provided by the folks from Kansas at the Aircraft Bluebook – Price Digest, http://www.aircraftbluebook.com/ I would again like to especially thank Mr. Paul Wyatt, the Bluebook Editor for the use of his data in the production of my report. I hope that you find the report of some use to you.

The following aircraft/helicopters saw the largest gains in value, including the normal yearly/model new price increases:

The Winners

Augusta 109C at 6.63%, which is 6.35% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Bell Jet and Long Rangers (B206 and B407), at 22.17%, which is 5.88% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Bombardier Challenger 300, at 11.39%, which is 4.17% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Cessna Citation Jet and CJ2 (525 and 525A), at 5.25%, which is 3.83% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

I.A.I. Westwind (1124, I and II), at 6.20%, which is 1.10% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Dassault Falcon 900 (900A, B, C, DX and EX), at 5.36%, which is 0.78% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Most Are Holding Their Own Regarding Value

The Overall Market has shown an Increase in value ‘Across the Board', equal to 3.9% over the last twelve months, which is 0.02% better from the last Quarterly Report. This may however, be an indication of a slowdown, or it may just be the normal effect of the annual summer holidays, on the overall marketplace.

The Losers

Rockwell Commander (112, 114 and 115) at -8.05%, which is a staggering 6.46% DOWN from the last Quarterly Report.

Cirrus (SR20 and SR22) at -5.42%, which is a further 1.03% DOWN from the last Quarterly Report.


Well the personal/corporate helicopter has won the day, so to speak when it comes to the percentage of value gains in the overall marketplace, especially when viewed against the figures of the last Quarterly Market Report back in August of this year (2006.) Both the Augusta 109C and Bell JetRanger and LongRanger have rocketed up in value this quarter.

The Challenger 300 still appears that it is the number one, most sought after used business jet aircraft, as reflected by the value increases seen both during this and the last quarter of 2006. The Citation Jet and CJ2 models still continue to be a strong market, but I wonder how soon the value increase of these models will be arrested as more CJ3 aircraft are delivered?

Surprisingly, what many might consider a member of the dinosaur category of aircraft, the Westwind 1124/I/II series have seen a good increase in its value over the last Quarterly Report. This has got to have a lot to do with its range/speed/fuel consumption profile, which is pretty impressive, even by today's standards.

And again, the values of the Falcon 900 continue a steady march upward. Its cabin size and runway performance, I believe, has a lot to do with this.

Watch for a new Quarterly Market Report in February.

Any input that you care to make will be of great interest to all of the readers here at Globalair.com. So please don't be bashful and go ahead and write your comments and suggestions here. Please don't forget that whatever you write here, can be seen publicly by everyone that visits this page, so please be funny, be inspired, but most importantly of all, please be nice. See you next month.

The Data

Historical Data

Label Data
OPEC Basket Price $53.89
One Year Ago $53.13
Dow Jones IA 12,134
One Year Ago 10,303
LIBOR % Rate (USD) 5.28875
One Year Ago 3.32875
FBO / Fuel Prices by Region (Full Service JETA)
Central Region $3.78
Eastern Region $4.28
Great Lakes Region $3.91
New England Region $4.00
Northwest Mountain Region $3.97
Southern Region $4.11
Southwest Region $3.88
Western Pacific Region $4.03
Alaska Region $4.52

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