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Aircraft Market Report: 2006 Q4

by Jeremy Cox 1. January 2007 00:00
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Most of the data contained in this report is very courteously and kindly provided by the folks from Kansas at the Aircraft Bluebook - Price Digest, http://www.aircraftbluebook.com/ As always I would like to especially thank Mr. Paul Wyatt, the Bluebook Editor for the use of his data in the production of my report. I hope that you find the report of some use to you.

The following aircraft/helicopters saw the largest gains in value, including the normal yearly/model new price increases:

The Winners

Cessna 441 Conquest II at 18.62% overall, which is an additional 4.22% UP from the last Quarterly Report. This steady value increase is probably an indication that the Conquest II provides the right performance versus its value even though it has not been in production since 1986.

Bell Jet and Long Rangers (B206 and B407), at ?%, which is again ?% UP from the last Quarterly Report.

Most Are Holding Their Own Regarding Value

The Overall Market has been showing an Increase in value 'Across the Board', equal to 2.82% over the last twelve months, however, as I denoted in that last report, I felt that there might be an indication of a general slowdown, and this report appears to confirm my suspicion. The moderate hardening of values has levelled off and stayed in parity with the results of the last report.

The Losers

Rockwell Commander (112, 114 and 115) is a repeat offender this report at -10.11% overall, which is an additional 2.06% DOWN from the last Quarterly Report. Hopefully this downwards slide is now in check and Rockwell Commander owners can sleep easier in their beds. If you are a buyer, then I suggest that you start making your telephone calls now.

Beechcraft Baron 55/58 series has really fallen out of bed this quarter at -11.87% overall, which is a further 7.45% DOWN from the last Quarterly Report. For anyone in the market for a Baron, now is probably the time to start your shopping.

My interpretation of the above results is as follows:

As with all commodity markets of the various kinds, there are winners and there are losers in the constant shifting of values. The Stock markets continue to climb, likely buoyed by the 'baby-boomers' who are all rapidly reaching their retirements while ferreting away as much cash as they can stuff into their burgeoning stock accounts. This upward trend has got to slow down eventually, even though everyone of us hopes that it never does. The oil price is happier story than it was last summer, but unless a major breakthrough occurs in the oil supply industry; this can only really go in one direction, in the long run. The cost of money, i.e. the interest rate is anyone's guess, but according to the trends seen over the last 12 months, we may be seeing stability set-in. We may well have to watch the value of the US Dollar to see any new trends in interest rates, because we are sailing at a low tide right now when it applies to our currency value. It would be a major upset if ever OPEC decided to tie their prices to either the Euro or the Yuan.

We shall revisit the markets here at the Globalair site in another three months and see if there are any big changes occurring this year.

Any input that you care to make will be of great interest to all of the readers here at Globalair.com. So please don't be bashful and go ahead and write your comments and suggestions here. Please don't forget that whatever you write here, can be seen publicly by everyone that visits this page, so please be funny, be inspired, but most importantly of all, please be nice. See you next month when we tackle another aviation related topic.

The Data

Historical Data

OPEC Basket Price $51.20
One Year Ago $53.13
Dow Jones IA 12,523
One Year Ago 10,303
LIBOR % Rate (USD) 5.38688
One Year Ago 3.32875
FBO / Fuel Prices by Region (Full Service JETA)
Central Region $3.78
Eastern Region $4.21
Great Lakes Region $3.79
New England Region $4.06
Northwest Mountain Region $3.92
Southern Region $4.02
Southwest Region $3.81
Western Pacific Region $4.06
Alaska Region $4.70


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