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Aircraft Market Report: 2007 Q3

by Jeremy Cox 1. October 2007 00:00
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Most of the data contained in this report is very courteously and kindly provided by the folks from Kansas at the Aircraft Bluebook - Price Digest, http://www.aircraftbluebook.com/ As always I would like to especially thank Mr. Paul Wyatt, the Bluebook Editor for the use of his data in the production of my report. I hope that you find the report of some use to you.

The Overall Market has been showing an Increase in value 'Across the Board', equal to 1.43% over the last twelve months. Most of this gain is due to the massive increases in value of the Large Cabin, Long Range Aircraft from the Falcon 2000 all the way up to the Global Express. Even the gargantuan Boeing Business Jet's value is navigating into a new rarefied atmosphere of extremely high values. Even the smaller Jet Aircraft are seeing value increases which is being helped by aircraft that have been sitting on the shelf for a very long-time, to actually start trading. Even the Falcon 20/200 series is seeing their value decline checked by at least a 3.5% reduction in it's value nose-dive. However There is a general trend towards softening prices in the Piston arena. This all indicates that we have now entered the 'Age of the Billionaire.'

All of the economic indicators show that if you have a lot of money, and I mean a lot, you are in a much better market/wealth position than you were a year ago. However for the rest of us that are truly feeling the pinch at the fuel truck, and in the pocket due to higher interest rates, we are living a totally different market driven lifestyle.

OPEC Crude

Take a look at all of the Large Cabin/Long Range Aircraft on this months spreadsheet. You can see some impressive value increases amongst that group, the most notable of which are the Gulfstream GV/GVSP/G500/G550 series.

Global Express

Now look at the worst performers in this Quarter:


If you are thinking about buying any aircraft, now is a good time; however if you are in the market for a large cabin/long range aircraft I can only suggest that you move quickly as the prices are most definitely not going down!

Okay, I will see you next month and please remember that any input that you care to make will be of great interest to all of the readers here at Globalair.com. So please don't be bashful and go ahead and write your comments and suggestions here. Please don't forget that whatever you write here, can be seen publicly by everyone that visits this page, so please be funny, be inspired, but most importantly of all, please be nice.

Historical Data

OPEC Basket Price $51.20
One Year Ago $53.13
Dow Jones IA 12,523
One Year Ago 10,303
LIBOR % Rate (USD) 5.38688
One Year Ago 3.32875
FBO / Fuel Prices by Region (Full Service JETA)
Central Region $3.78
Eastern Region $4.21
Great Lakes Region $3.79
New England Region $4.06
Northwest Mountain Region $3.92
Southern Region $4.02
Southwest Region $3.81
Western Pacific Region $4.06
Alaska Region $4.70


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