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GlobalAir.com Expands Aircraft Comparisons Tool capabilities

by GlobalAir.com 15. March 2011 10:58
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GlobalAir.com Expands Aircraft
Comparisons Tool capabilities
New tool’s success spurs update for specific type aircraft
March 15, 2011
  LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Since the revamp of its successful Aircraft Exchange site in early 2010, Globalair.com keeps adding new tools. The latest is an expansion of the popular tool used for researching aircraft.

  Globlair.com’s comparison tool has been expanded so not only can you compare specific make and model you now may use it to compare aircraft across a specific platform. Not only can you compare side by side an equipment list, for example, of several Hawker 850XP’s. You will now be able to compare a specific Hawker 850XP to a Gulfstream G200 or Learjet 60XR at the same time.

  Jeffrey Carrithers, President and CEO explains, “When a person or flight department decides it is time for a new aircraft generally speaking they will have developed different choices pertaining to the mission profiles they fly. In today’s economy it’s all about the most bang for the buck. The expansion of the comparison tool will allow flight departments, aircraft management firms or aircraft brokerage firms the capability to examine several makes and models at one time. There’s nothing like it on the web.”

  The tool enables the prospective buyer or agent to contrast an unlimited number of aircraft, save it for future use or print a PDF. Programmers at GlobalAir.com used feedback from its clients and developed an in-depth aircraft comparison tool. Buyers can use it to look at specific features such as interior layout, an avionics suite or maintenance updates.

  Other comparison aspects include when and what particular paint job looks like, engine specifications, propeller / APU times, and a section for options and features.

  “This is technology-driven information, another tool. It is informative, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye,” said Carrithers, “Now it will be so much easier for users to have a research tool to compare an unlimited number of aircraft at the click of a button. The more details you can give a buyer, especially on a large-ticket item like an aircraft, the more readily they can make a decision. After visiting our site, all they have to do is call, email or text a seller. Then the deal process is one step closer to being done.”

  You can visit the new comparison tool that Globalair.com has to offer at www.globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale

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  To get more information on the GlobalAir.com aircraft comparison feature, or to schedule an interview, please contact Jeffrey Carrithers by phone at (888) 236-4309 or by e-mail at press@globalair.com.
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