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Hawker 400XP will not be in production for next 2 years

by GlobalAir.com 16. November 2010 15:38
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Hawker 400XP business aircraft

 Hawker Beechcraft announced Friday that it will stop producing its Hawker 400XP small business jet for the next two years.

Company officials told reporters in a conference call last week that the decision comes as Hawker adjusts to a 23 percent sales drop from a year ago within a challenging market for aircraft manufacturers.

“We made a decision that we think puts the future of that product out beyond the current economic problem and when we can see market recovery,” said Bill Boisture, CEO of Hawker Beechcraft, according to a report on the web site of Kansas TV station KSN.

The decision also comes at a time when the company has reduced its workforce and considered a move from Wichita, Kansas to Louisiana.

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