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NBAA 2010 highlights Haiti earthquake relief effort

by GlobalAir.com 20. October 2010 15:22
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Attendees held first-ever general session on the second day of the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Atlanta, Ga., on Wednesday. As part of the ceremonies, representatives paid tribute to and thanked those in the aviation community who provided assistance during the Haitian relief effort earlier this year, in the wake of a major earthquake devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Organizers aired the video posted above to highlight the efforts of those who volunteered, telling the story through first-hand accounts.

According to numbers provided by the NBAA, more than 700 flights carried 3,800 passengers and 1.4 million pounds of supplies. Personnel and cargo included caregivers, first responders, food, water and medical supplies.

Thanks to nearly 100 private airplanes, communities not reachable by road or larger aircraft were able to receive help, while others needing attention were evaluated to American hospitals.

Photos below, provided by the NBAA, further show the effort behind one of the missions.


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