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Aviation Articles

Robinson Helicopter to begin delivery on Robinson R66 Turbine

by GlobalAir.com 29. October 2010 17:18
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The FAA awarded certified the Robinson Helicopter R66 Turbine this week and at the same time, it awarded the company a production certificate to begin deliveries.

The first delivery was slated for Helistream Inc., a longtime Robinson dealer in Costa Mesa, Calif. Customers on the West Coast will be among the first to receive the Robinson R66 Helicopters.

It will be outfitted with a Rolls Royce RR300, which is based on the RR250 series. The design of the helicopter began in 2001, though the company did not jump head-on into its engineering until 2005.

 “Because we were not working to a hard deadline, we had the opportunity to refine and optimize the design,” said Pete Riedl, Robinson’s chief engineer. “The performance of the aircraft, so far, has met or exceeded all of our expectations.”

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